Services and Our 6 Value Adding Activities.

“We are here to make your Marketing Communication Message consistent from the first step in, till the last step out for each of your guests”

Prapat Pilunthanakul – President

1. GMP Certified Factory.

Floral Manufacturing Group’s Factory (8000 SQM) is located in the Latkrabang industrial estate which is 15 minutes from the Suvanabhumi Airport.

Our factory has been awarded with GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

On top of this, we adopt the Total Quality Management approach whereby quality is the cornerstone of success and that it is conducted at all levels and stages of manufacturing.

To meet the Global needs of our customer, we have created an infrastructure with many leading global manufacturers to help us produce and distribute goods to our clients worldwide.

2. Research & Development.

Our well trained R&D are familiarised in developing cosmetic grade amenities. Every 2 years, our R&D will be sent to Cannes, France to update our knowledge on the upcoming trends and improvements to our existing product bases, scents and production techniques.

Our Industrial design experts are constantly finding and determining the next big trend which hotels will adopt. These packaging revolve around the concept of “High Perceived Value – HPV”

We Floral define High Perceived Value as “The Consumer’s opinion of the price of product is greater than the actual purchase price of the product. The difference of the price in mind minus the actual paid price is the perceived value the customer gets from the products.”

3. Logistics & Warehousing.

We have our own Logistic fleet which offers flexibility to our partners. Our warehouses are situated in strategic locations to help assist with deliveries to each part of Thailand. To add to this, our warehouse extend overseas and we have a wide list of partners who distribute our products. With our widespread warehouses, you can be sure to save up storage cost, as well as be assured to receive your  products in a timely manner.

Floral Manufacturing Group Currently serves hotels and hospitals in more than 15 countries. We have 7 sole distributors to disseminate our products and services worldwide.

We further have contracts with 3 global logistics partner to provide accountability and consistency of supply to our clients.

We have 6 warehouse in Thailand at each strategic location namely:
Bangkok x3, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiangmai

“Distribution is the cornerstone of our success, no matter how good our products are, if they don’t arrive on time, in full, problem will arise for our clients. We have a 99.46% service rate level (2016)  and our Key Performance Indicators are set at 99.90% meaning that we target a maximum of 1 delayed delivery per 1000 deliveries ”

-Prapon Pilunthanakul


4. Internal/External Auditing.

Our production and raw materials partner will only become our partner after they successfully pass our strict audit in regards to Facility Capacity, Quality Control, Distribution and lastly After sales Service.

Our partners undergoes thorough and continuous unscheduled Audits from third party inspectors such as SGS.

“The internal and external audits that we implement, is our tool to continuously improve for our clients.”

We do not compromise quality for Price
– Prapon Pilunthanakul

5. Creative Marketing Communication .

Our Industrial Design experts coupled with our innovative Research and Development team come together to produce a masterpiece tailored for each of our client’s need from brand pairing all the way to full customisation.

“We Floral believe that a strong brand is a consistent brand. We are here to make your Marketing Communication Messages consistent from The first step in till the last step out for each of your guests.”

– Prapat Pilunthanakul


6. CSR & Environment.

We realize the importance of ethical business practices to prolong our environment for our next generations.

We are well aware and is fully committed to promoting business practices which has social and environmental benefits.

In 2016, we won the amenities of the year with Green Leaf Association by producing hotel amenities with the concept of “Tree free Campaign” – we use stones instead and reduce the use of plastic by 400% for Chatrium Group.

In 2017 we are committed to making the world a better place by helping the blind to see with our efforts in making Braille Cards from used soap boxes which we take back from our clients.

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