All Hotels and Hospitals will share this one Pain Point – “REVERSE ODOR”

Reverse Odor arises from bad water and waste management system. Buildings are equipped with a septic tank along with a wastewater tank. The objective of both the tanks is too decompose fats and separate it out from the water. If the tanks works well and is designed for heavy usages, then reverse odor would not arise; However this holds true for 90% of buildings: Engineers calculate the total water usage and divide it by the hours per day (24 hours) to get the average volume of water, the tank has to manage.

However, this calculation is very wrong. This is because we all know that people shower 2 times a day, in the morning and at night (Water do not flow equally within the 24 hours). It is wrong to calculate the average volume of water per day. This means that every morning, and every night, there will be a lot of waste water that the tank cannot manage to clean. Dirty water comes along with fats (soap fats, body fats) as well as bacteria. Each day that the tank cannot clean the water, fat builds up, and this is the root cause of reverse odor. When fat builds, bacteria builds. On top of this, pest will be next as fats in the pipelines are the main source of food rats and cockroaches.

Traditional Method

To manage this problem, hotels order microbes and enzymes to be put in the septic tank each week to help eat up the fats to reduce odor and pests. This must be done Weekly (another hidden cost). This is not effective as the problem is not solved, this is merely sweeping the dust under the carpet. Imagine a pipeline, filling the enzymes at the final destination will not decrease the amount of fats that has been clogging the pipe.


We recommend a highly concentrated (Enzymes and Microbes) cleaning solution for Housekeeping team to use. This will act as a Total Cleaning solution as it can be used to clean and dissolve fats. Most importantly the solution contains enzymes and microbes which eats up fats and bacteria along the pipeline all the way down to the wastewater and septic tanks. We are constantly feeding the septic tanks with enzymes which will aid the heavy usage of water during the morning and night time showers.

Key Results:

Hotels who generally have to order microbes and enzymes to be put in the septic tank each week, has lessen the order quantity and frequency of that service after using our cleaning product. After 30 days of Usage, Hotels can expect 50% less fat as compared to before the usage. This suggests that hotels will also save on the hidden cost involved as well as being able to sell rooms that were deemed too smelly to sell !

By: Chawin Pilunthanakul