Minimum of Quantity : 24 Pieces

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  • 8 hour for food warming worth with the price and safe for 100%
  • Low price compare to other types of chafing fuel Average time form food warming. Can heat will cost about ฿2 per hour which is a lowest price compared to other fuels.
  • The liquid is not flammable If it is not on the chafing fuel can. Hence, It is safe for food warming.
  • No smell from chemical burning.
  • No chemical evaporation Good for everyone’s health and environment.
  • The refill can available helps to lower the cost for cans.

Compared per hour. Can Heat has the lower cost than other for at least ฿2 per hour. while others have higher costs. For example, alcohol gel will cost about ฿7.5 per hour and cost about ฿18 for alcohol solid fuel. Hence, using Can Heat has low cost which make you save your money.