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Manufacture and customize paper straw in Maldives.

Available in Maldives. Get yours now.

We offer hygienic paper straws manufactured under high standard GMP. You can choose to serves generic paper straws or customized paper straws with your own style. We are proud to present some of our key customers around world.

Paper Straw type.

Plain Paper Straw

Plain Paper Straw

Paper Straw in Paper Sachet

Make from paper. Paper Straw in paper sachet.

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Some of paper straw.

Order paper straw in Maldives. We ready to sell.

Multi Brand

Twin Palms


HQ Beach Lounge

Grand View Group

Marriott Resort

Some of our Customers

Floral 36 Years Experience. Number 1 Paper Straw & Hotel Supply in Thailand.

Since 1982, it is our mission to enhance each partner’s performance, efficiency and effectiveness by educating them with the related product knowledge. We consider it a part of our responsibility and fulfill it by consulting and offering multiple ways to achieve the desired result. We facilitate by implementing creative solutions to fulfill the needs of each partners at the right price. Our professional and friendly staff will assist each partner and provide support until we reach the ultimate outcome of each and every one of them.

Our laboratory continues to develop new products consistently. We try to learn and develop new technologies to keep up with market demand. Our factory also certified Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This is most recognized certificate in the world for consumer products. With that, we also take pride in being certified by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA Thailand). We ensure our products are manufactured using standard qualitative measures as set out by the FDA.

Our Factory and Warehouse

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