Silent danger!! How your life changes with buying the wrong mattresses


Each day, people spend one third of their time with sleep. This is the mechanism of the body that needs the body to recuperate and repair. sleep is a time of ultimate relaxation. It also helps repair skin cells and adjust the hormonal balance of the body meaning if sleep insufficiently, it will make the performance of the body worse off.

Sleeping in the wrong posture or sleeping uncomfortably is another factor that makes us sleep insufficiently or called sleeplessness.  It affects the body by developing back pain that is caused by choosing a mattress that is not suitable for the posture type or lying on a mattress that is too hard or soft

Many people think that back pain is a normal thing that happen because of  work such as lifting heavy objects, sitting in the same position for a long time or think that is caused by aging and lack of exercise but back pain is mostly caused by the mattress, if you wake up and feel pain in the body, waist pain, back pain, insomnia or  you can’t sleep well, try to see your mattress as too hard or too soft, do not say what kind of mattress you like but must consider your posture and ergonomics, then chose a mattress of  your liking.

Many people may not see lumbar pain as a serious matter. If we are complacent and neglect it, it may adversely affect our body. In addition to the inflammation of the back muscles that can occur If we do not sleep enough, it also results in The body’s immune system to be dropped. Bad memory, increase forgetfulness, not feeling refreshed throughout the day, Abnormal digestive system and The body will accumulate more fat. Sleeplessness will decrease the chance that the body will shed growth hormone while sleeping. Which Growth Hormones will help you look younger

As your bedding and mattresses is what you spend a third of your life on, please take the time to study before you purchase. It is essential to study your posture and the ergonomics of your sleeping position to determine the best mattresses in order to avoid long term health problems that will definitely cost more than the time spent on research and analyzing what is most suitable for your body.