New alternative paper tube/straws ” Love the Earth “

New alternative paper tube/straws ” Love the Earth “ 2019-05-29T13:16:20+07:00


Based on the most common marine waste data in 2015, the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (NBTC) found that the top 3 marine waste types were 13% plastic bags, 10% tubes 8% water bottle caps and 8% food containers, simultaneously, the Ocean Conservancy report summarizes the data on beach waste in 2016 from 112 countries around the world, revealing that plastic tube garbage is ranked as the seventh most common waste. 409,087 pieces were disposed. If you put the tubes together, it will be equivalent to 145 times the height of One World Trade Center building. These have become a lot of plastic that is almost equivalent to waste plastic bags.

The problem of the plastic wastes affects humans and animals. 1 tube takes time to degrade approximately 200 years, while the use of plastic tubes per day, is up to 500 million tubes. America And England have statistics that 4.4 billion tubes are used per year. Think about how many years of decomposition of these tubes until they are fully degraded from our planet.

During the past 2-3 years, many countries around the world have considered banning plastic tubes. We realized then that these tubes the key factor in destroying the ecosystem and the environment. Hence turning to support the use of tubes that are environmentally.

Over the past 2-3 years, several biodegradable products have been launched with an initiative to help the world. In conjunction with the banning of plastics in several industries, consumers are also on the main influencers determining the direction of the market. Once one product is successfully integrated, more and more will come along.

Environmentally friendly tubes Such as bamboo straw, paper straws, FCS paper, Biodegradable tube Metal and glass tubes are replacing plastic tubes. Because those tubes Create a lot of plastic waste and in the past few months, restaurants and hotel groups Turned to support Environmentally friendly tubes. Many famous hotels have issued a policy to stop using plastic tubes, whether it is the Four Seasons, Accor Hotels, Marriott Group, Six Senses and Anantara have all adopted and set a clear direction to switch to a more environmentally sustainable solution with a main aim of reaching total sustainability.

As for the food service industry, it is a consumer of many straws. Of course, the flow of plastic waste causes this business to be more responsive to changes, such as the famous fast food restaurant McDonald’s, which announced the cancellation of the use of plastic tubes. They adopted the usage of paper straws and is expected to be fully sustainable with paper straws within 2020.

Today, whether you are a consumer, a food service provider, a hotels or other businesses Related to the use of tubes/straws (Any disposable goods), it is essential to review this matter and ask yourself, is it time for a change?