Currently, alcohol gel products are widely distributed in the market causing the fake alcohol gel

spreading. Let us present easy steps to test whether the alcohol gel products you use are genuine or contain dangerous alcohol as an ingredient or not. By three easy steps below.

  1. 1. Prepare a solution of potassium permanganate in acids.

by combine 1 flake of potassium permanganate and 1 teaspoon (3 ml) of vinegar. Then use a toothpick to stir until the solution appears magenta.

  1. 2. Pour clean water and alcohol gel onto the spoon to half of the spoon.
  2. 3. Pour 1/3 teaspoon of magenta solution from(1) into the spoon and stir to combine it, then waiting for a while.
  • Water, color will not change and appear as magenta
  • Methanol, magenta color does not disappear after 15-20 minutes.
  • Ethanol, magenta color disappears after 5-15 minutes.
  • Isopropanol, magenta color disappeared after 3 minutes.

Methanol or Methyl alcohol is a flammable substance that is highly toxic and dangerous to health but ethanol and isopropanol or ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol are more secure to kill the germs.

We recommend the EXIT7 Hand sanitizer which contains food-grade ethanol, which you can touch the food immediately after using. It is safer than general. It is also manufactured from a factory that has received GMP certification and the product has FDA registration numbers correctly.