Manufacturer of Alcohol Gel, Anti-Bacteria Hand Sanitizer and Antiseptic Liquid Soap, Stocks Ready to be Sold

Floral Manufacturing Group is a GMP and FDA certified Factory that produces Alcohol Gel, Anti Bacteria Hand Sanitizer, and antiseptic liquid Soap under the brand Exit 7. We open for OEM order and allow customization for customer’s brand

Currently, The world is facing a global pandemic from the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) which originated in Wuhan, China. The world health Organization (WHO) recommends the best way to prevent the infection from COVID-19 is by washing your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizers or antiseptic liquid soap. (WHO) also urged citizens to wear a facemask when around others. Presently, the market is facing shortages of antiseptic liquid soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizers due to high demand and low supply of these items.

Floral Manufacturing Group, manufactures and distributes alcohol-based hand sanitizers and antiseptic liquid soap under the Brand Exit 7

Properties of EXIT7

  • Ingredient contains 73% alcohol.
  • Waterless (No-Rinse) Hand sanitizer
  • Alcohol Gel dries fast and is not sticky.
  • Product Made in Thailand.
  • Safe and can be used with children.
  • Manufactured with Food Grade alcohol

Alcohol Gel Packaging and Sizes

2 types of packaging

  1. Pump Bottle sizes 300ml and 500 ml
  2. Flip cap Bottles and Tubes sizing 30 ml.

Also Available in 3 refillable sizes

• 3L, 5L and 20L

Packing and MOQ for purchasing our hand sanitizer Exit7

  • 30ml Minimum order 1 carton packing 250 pcs / carton
  • 300ml Minimum order 1 carton packing 30 pcs / carton
  • 500ml Minimum order 1 carton packing 20 pcs / carton
  • 3L Minimum order 1 carton packing 6 units. / carton
  • 5L Minimum order 1 carton packing 6 units. / carton
  • 20L Minimum order 6 carton packing 6 units. / carton

Branding case (OEM)

  • 30 ml. Minimum order 50,000 pcs
  • 300ml and 500ml Minimum order 20,000 pcs

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    Hand SanitizerAlcohol Spray

    30 ml50 ml300 ml500 mlGallon 3 L.Gallon 5 L.Gallon 20 L.

    10,000-30,000 bottle40,000-100,000 bottle200,000-400,000 bottle500,000 bottle up1,000 L.5,000 L.10,000 L.20,000+ L.1-4 Bulk4-10 Bulk10 Bulk up+

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    How to choose Hand sanitizers or Alcohol Gel

    Anti-Bacterial Hand sanitizers or Antiseptic Alcohol gel is now a commodity where people must have it on hand, at home, at the office and wherever they go. This is due to the urgent need of sanitization  after doing normal daily activities.

    • We have developed a basic checklist to help assist you in selecting the Alcohol Gel or Hand Sanitizer that you need.
    • There is a easily visible label in the *Thai language* that specifies the name of the product, ingredients, production method, directions, caution, country of origin, manufacturer date and expiry date.
    * For Thai product ref to FDA Thailand announcement
    • Packed in a sealed container to prevent evaporation of alcohol and maintain good gel viscosity. Homogeneous and no separated the layers. Alcohol after opening for 30 days will lose its efficiency from 73% to 63% concentration.
    • Have a bare minimum of 70% alcohol concentration for the efficiency of protectiv bacteria. If The ratio of alcohol is less than 70% the effectiveness of disinfection will be greatly reduced or rarely have any positive results in disinfecting your hands and palms.
    • Avoid expired or abnormal products such as discoloration, leaked seal of alcohol which causes evaporation

    Precautions of using Alcohol gel

    • Do not place near flame/Sparks or in high-temperature areas
    • Do not use on sensitive skin areas, such as eyes or for example dermatitis areas


    A majority of people have several misconceptions about how to wash their hands with alcohol gel and hand Sanitizers. The best method to prevent infection and kill germs and bacteria effectively are as follow:

    1. Pour an ample amount of gel on your palms
    2. Rub 2 palms together in clockwise circles
    3. Rub the back of your hands and between your fingers with one another, and then do it repeatedly for the other hand.
    4. Put your hands together, interlock your fingers and rub repeatedly
    5. Bend your fingers of your both hands and rub them with your palms until clean
    6. Clean your thumbs by using your other palm and fingers to wrap around and rub them. Then, repeat this step for another side
    7. Clean your fingers by rubbing your fingers with another palm. Then, repeat this step with another hand
    8. Hold your wrist with your hand, rub and twist 10 times, and repeat on the other wrist.

    In Total, you must rub your hands together for more than 20seconds the alcohol-based hand sanitizer to disinfect germs and bacteria